Participant Code of Conduct

For Online Communities

This Code of Conduct contains a set of guidelines to maintain a supportive, engaging, safe, and meaningful experience for all participants in the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FA) online community.  Our online community consists of individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life across the globe, reflecting a richness of cultural, intellectual, and social diversity. Therefore, participants are expected to exhibit good conduct  that will inspire public confidence and trust by this community. The following guidelines are established by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and apply to all participants of the FA online community. Participants’ engagement during all FA online programs, projects, activities, and events should be conducted in a manner that reflects positively on the FA online community and the individual at all times. 

  • FA online programs connect and bring together people from all different parts of the world and a great variety of cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, it is important that all participants are respectful to other people’s cultures, traditions, and religious beliefs, when communicating online with others including fellow participants, speakers, and FA staff and team members.
  • Participants are encouraged to be thoughtful in what they say, post, share, or comment in any communication platforms. Being mindful of strong language and use of all caps or exclamation points are critical to avoid any forms of misunderstanding. 
  • Differences in opinion may occur, and thus participants are expected to exhibit open-mindedness, patience, and understanding. Posting, sharing, or commenting inappropriate material that are deemed abusive, hateful, discriminatory, unsafe, sexually inappropriate, offensive, or involve harassment will not be tolerated.
  • The online community counts on every participant to foster genuine interactions and maintain a supportive environment for all. Posting off-topic, unrelated, or spam content are disruptive to discussions and detract from the goal of the community. Any post, link, or shared content that contains disinformation, hoax, or fraudulent information will be removed from the discussion.
  • FA online community platforms provide valuable access to knowledge sharing, tools, ideas, and resources from experts, FA partner organizations, and fellow community members. As such, all participants must follow copyright laws, principles of academic honesty, and cite reputable sources when sharing content with others. Any shared content that involves plagiarism or does not respect intellectual property or copyright laws will be removed. 
  • Participants have the privilege of access to connect privately with fellow participants as well as experts from various organizations across many industries and sectors within the online community. With this access comes the responsibility to interact with each individual with professionalism, respect, appropriateness, and integrity.
  • All participants – both speakers and attendees – are required to be honest, truthful, and accurate when submitting information about themselves through their applications/registration forms, profiles, and photos. Information collected through the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation’s website and forms follow privacy laws and are subject to privacy policy.
  • Participants are expected to protect their personal information, including their password to gain access to the content platform. Sharing of passwords, social security number, bank or payment information, and other personal and sensitive information within the platform is strictly prohibited.
  • Participants are required to use the virtual platforms provided within acceptable use.
  • Participants are encouraged to report other participants who fail to follow the guidelines set above or engage in unsafe online behavior on FA platforms by contacting us here.
  • The Friendship Ambassadors Foundation reserves the right to terminate access from any participant who is reported for disruptive or inappropriate behavior. No refunds will be issued for a terminated participant.

Last Updated: May 14, 2020