Participant Code of Conduct

25th Session of The Youth Assembly

This code of conduct is to support an engaging and meaningful experience for all participants of The Youth Assembly. It aims to help Delegates and Observers achieve their goals during The Youth Assembly by supporting an appropriate and safe environment. With participants coming from all different backgrounds and walks of life, it is expected that Youth Assembly participants will conduct themselves in a manner that will inspire public confidence and trust by The Youth Assembly and the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (hereafter referred to as FAF) community.

The following rules apply to all participants of The Youth Assembly Conference Only and Global Development Leadership (GDL) Series programs. Participants’ engagement during all Youth Assembly and FAF events and programs should be in a manner that reflects positively on The Youth Assembly community and the individual at all times. This set of rules applies to participants’ conduct during the official program for Conference Only, as well as GDL Series programming, special events, side activities, meals, transport, accommodations, and other arrangements. The rules also apply beyond the programs when no formal activities or meetings are scheduled, such as late evening and early morning hours.

I. Participation, Decorum, and General Respect

  1. The Youth Assembly brings together people coming from all different parts of the world and a great variety of cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, it is important that all participants exhibit good manners by being respectful to other people’s cultures, traditions, and religious beliefs, including fellow delegates, speakers, and FAF staff.
  2. At all times, participants are expected to show respect and courtesy toward others. As accommodations are sometimes shared, tolerance for individual differences must be practiced. You may represent your country, your community, or your organization, while being polite, accommodating and receptive to others. Impolite behavior, unsafe actions, negative attitudes, etc. detract from The Youth Assembly experience. Acceptance of others is necessary, especially in regards to respecting their opinions and personalities.
  3. During the Youth Assembly, FAF provides Delegates the privilege of access to renowned and high-level speakers and global organizations. The speakers and organizations represent diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, under the auspices of academic freedom that The Youth Assembly supports. However, the speakers do not represent the viewpoints of FAF, nor is FAF responsible for their perspectives and speeches. Delegates must use respect and open-mindedness when interacting with speakers and organizations at all times, in accordance with FAF values and this Code of Conduct. Disrespect, offense, or hostility towards speakers or other participants in any way will not be tolerated by the FAF staff and community.  
  4. Identification badges are to be worn by each participant of The Youth Assembly as required. This will ensure that FAF staff and security are better able to identify and assist Participants.  
  5. Dress code is business casual. Please show professionalism in your apparel at all times. On occasion, Delegates are invited and encouraged to wear traditional or modern clothing from their cultures or nationalities during certain events.
  6. During programs and special events, please stay within the designated premises only. You may not enter closed rooms or unauthorized areas. FAF staff reserve the right to confiscate any participant’s name badge and refuse re-admittance to the program from any participant who is reported for disruptive behavior.
  7. As a courtesy to the speakers and your fellow participants, please always be on time and plan to arrive at the event location at 10-15 minutes before the first session of the day starts.
  8. As per the Terms and Conditions, FAF shall have authority over the supervision of the event and its participants, including any necessary modifications that may arise during any aspect of The Youth Assembly or GDL Series.
  9. Delegates are permitted to take photos and videos with cell phones and share their experience at FAF events online but may be unauthorized to do so if notified during certain activities, such as Mission Visits. Delegates may not use professional media companies or professional equipment during The Youth Assembly. Any social media interaction during and beyond and FAF event must not be offensive to other participants.

GDL Series Participants – Specific Rules  

  1. GDL Series Participants are expected to attend the official conference program, special events, and other GDL Series arrangements as indicated in their itineraries. They are expected to be prompt and prepared for all sessions and events. If a participant chooses to deviate from his or her official itinerary or make their own arrangements, then any resulting costs are borne by the participant.
  2. GDL Series programming, events, activities, meals, transport, accommodation and other arrangements are exclusive for GDL Series participants only. Given the significant investment made into participating in the GDL Series. Other non-GDL Series guests or Conference Only delegates may not attend events and arrangements reserved for GDL Series participants, unless otherwise stated by the organizers of The Youth Assembly. You may not invite/solicit others into arrangements reserved for GDL Series participants.
  3. Any additional services and/or personal expenses outside of what is specifically provided by notification of FAF in the arranged accommodations will be charged to the participant and borne by the participant.  
  4. Participants are encouraged to follow their YA Guide throughout the course of their itinerary. Participants should adhere to and abide by the directions and decisions of their YA Guides and other FAF staff, awarding them common courtesy and respect due by virtue of his/her position as an official representative of The Youth Assembly.

II. Safety and Behavior

  1. Curfew in FAF-arranged accommodations for GDL Series Participants is at 11:00 pm each night. 16 and 17-year-old participants must strictly adhere to this rule and any other laws and regulations applicable to minors at accommodations and conference venues. Considerations are maintaining safety, respecting quiet hours in the accommodations, and obtaining enough sleep to be alert and focused during the conference and program.
  2. Outside of program sessions or events, such as during free time, we recommend that you explore in a group size of at least three people for safety.
  3. Participants are responsible for the safety of their own possessions at all times.
  4. Safety is a paramount issue. Any unsafe activity (both physical and psychological) will be dealt with severely. Physical or psychological confrontational behavior, including intimidation or hostility, aimed at another person, that causes or may cause harm will not be tolerated and may result in the immediate dismissal of the aggressor at his or her own expense.
  5. Participants are to report any accidents, injuries or illnesses to their group leader, if available, or their YA Guides, and/ or other FAF staff or volunteers.
  6. Possession, use, or other forms of engagement with illegal drugs under U.S. law is not tolerated. Use or even suspicion of use of illegal substances will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in any conference venue, meals, accommodation, or transport unless specifically designated in a special event. Inappropriate behavior as a result of alcohol will be dealt with strictly.
    • Possession, use, or other forms of engagement with alcohol by those who are under age 21 is illegal as per US state laws. Use or even suspicion of use of alcohol by delegates under 21 will result in immediate dismissal from The Youth Assembly. Distribution of alcohol to fellow delegates under 21 is prohibited.  
    • Excessive drinking and related disruptive behavior by those of, or over the age 21 will not be tolerated, and is grounds for immediate dismissal at own expense.
    • Underage drinking, excessive drinking, and detrimental behavior as a result of any form of alcohol consumption may result in involvement by local law enforcement.
  8. Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and other tobacco products are not permitted in any of the locations of The Youth Assembly program or the Global Development Leadership Series program arrangements, including lodging rooms and venues, as per FAF policy and the policies of the accommodations of the event venues.
  9. Sexual harassment is a serious crime, and any incident or allegation would be addressed severely with highest repercussions for an offender, including dismissal from the program at own the participant’s own cost.
  10. Participants responsible for theft and/or vandalism during the course of the event will be held financially liable and subject to disciplinary action.
  11. The use and/or possession of prohibited items is not permitted and would result in disciplinary actions. Prohibited items include handguns or any other form of weapon.
  12. FAF’s goal is take every Delegate as far toward the attainment of his or her goals in The Youth Assembly as possible. However, in the event of inappropriate behavior or counteracting the above points, the conference organizers will take careful steps to address the issue, and penalize the actor where necessary. Disciplinary action against any participant found to violate any of the above rules includes, but is not limited to:
    • counseling by staff and/or group leader
    • rescinding of program activities
    • contacting parents/guardians if a minor
    • dismissal from the conference at participant’s own expense
    • involvement of local law enforcement if necessary
  13. If a participant is dismissed from the program due to breach of this Code of Conduct or otherwise deemed inappropriate behavior at the discretion of FAF staff, then he or she will pay all expenses in doing so, and will not be refunded for The Youth Assembly costs previously paid.  

Note: we also expect that participants will not passively condone any bad behavior of other fellow participants. If witnessing any incidence violating the Code of Conduct, the participant will either call for assistance or absent him or herself away from the scene. Inaction towards disruptive behavior is not acceptable.

Last Updated: September 10, 2019