Frequently Asked Questions

  • Registration is open for youth age 16-28 with a proven track record of leadership experience, school, or community involvement and are interested in global affairs, sustainable development, and youth issues.

  • Yes. Registrants who are older than 28 may register as an Observer.

  • Various organizations have their own definition of youth. At The Youth Assembly, we do not have a strict definition of youth, but have defined a certain age-range for who is considered a “Delegate” for our program planning purposes.  Registrants 29 or older qualify as an observer to attend The Youth Assembly.

  • Friendship Ambassadors Foundation spearheads every session of The Youth Assembly since its inception in 2002, with the support and partnership of notable organizations and companies.

  • The Youth Assembly is currently hosted in Washington, DC, USA. Past sessions have taken place in prestigious venues in New York City such as the United Nations Headquarters, New York University, Hunter College, and the iconic Roosevelt Hotel, among others.

  • The 24th session of The Youth Assembly will take place in Washington, DC from August 8–10, 2019.

  • Interested applicants may register through our website. There are two ways to participate in the 24th Session of The  Youth Assembly. You may choose to register for either the conference only or the Global Development Leadership (GDL) Series. A registration fee will be required upon completion of the application form. For the GDL series, additional fees will be required to reserve spaces for accommodation, leadership seminars, and special events.

  • No. There is no financial aid available to support applicants at this time. We suggest applicants check local organizations for sources of subsidy and support. You can also utilize our fundraising guide to assist you with your self-funding efforts.

  • The registration fee for accepted participants is non-refundable and non-transferrable under any circumstances and for any reason for all registrants. These circumstances and reasons may include but are not be limited to, registration withdrawal by the registrant, registrant cancellation, medical condition, or denial of visa application with U.S. embassies.  The registration fee is refundable if the registration is rejected.

    For the Global Development Leadership Series, a proportion of the second installment may be refunded if cancellation is made before certain deadlines. Please read the refund policy in the Terms and Conditions.

  • Upon submission of the form, you will receive an auto-response email, which includes a copy of your answers and additional information. Submission of the registration form does not automatically guarantee acceptance. A refund will be issued to registrants who did not meet our eligibility requirements.  

    Global Leadership Development Series (GDL) registrants will receive a reservation confirmation email with instructions on how to make the 2nd installment fee payment.

  • GDL Series registrants must pay the 2nd installment within 1 month of submitting their registration form. If no action is taken by the registrant within the given time period, their spot in The Global Development Leadership Series will be forfeited.

  • All registrants regardless if registering individually or as part of a group must complete the same registration guidelines. You may input the name of your group on the affiliation field on the registration form.

    If you wish to take advantage of special group rates for the Global Development Leadership Series (GDL), please contact Group rates are only available for GDL series packages. Groups requesting for special rates must consist of 5 or more individuals from a recognized company, organization, or academic institution. 

  • Participants who sign up for the Conference Only option are responsible for their own travel arrangements, including accommodation, meals, flight, airport transfers, and visa application fees. The Global Development Leadership Series include arranged accommodation, meals, and local transportation, in addition to special activities/services. Global Development Leadership Series participants who request double occupancy accommodation will be assigned roommates with the same gender.

  • Conference-only and Global Development Leadership Series registrants will receive their official registration confirmation letter upon completion of full payment. The official registration confirmation letter for all Youth Assembly participants must be presented to Friendship Ambassadors Foundation staff on the day of conference/ program registration.

  • Please find more information for international applicants on the registration guidelines.

  • Please inform us about the status of your visa on or before your payment deadline. We recommend registrants not to pay the remaining balance if they have not yet received their visa to avoid high cancellation fees. Please note that due to limited spaces, we are not able to reserve the slot of an accepted registrant if complete payment is not received by the deadline, and a cancellation notice will be sent to registrants. However, we will do our best if there is still space available to resume a registration when he/she obtain a visa and is ready to submit the balance payment before the event. Please note that the first installment will not be refunded under any circumstances.

  • All events at The Youth Assembly are carried out in English. Additionally, all applications must be submitted in English.

  • Generally, event facilities are wheelchair accessible, but this cannot be guaranteed. We suggest the participant to bring a caregiver/companion with him/her throughout the event. Delegates requiring special accommodations may contact the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation to inquire more information.

  • Due to a large number of participants, food restrictions and special diets cannot be accommodated in the meal offerings included in the Global Development Leadership Series. Please note that meals are only included in the Global Development Leadership Series.