Service Ambassadors Program

Construction of a Community Center, and More…

At the direct request of the local, indigenous Shuar community, students from around the US are invited to participated in a unique experience of constructing a locally managed cultural center, while also building a stronger community in Ecuador.  University and some advanced high school students will be invited to live locally during their stays, in community-arranged homestays, and witness a region that even most Ecuadorians have yet to visit.  The community is located in the safe, quiet community of Limon Indanza, close to the Equator, in the rain forest of Central Ecuador.  Initially Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF; seeks youth as:  service volunteers andcultural exchange ambassadors, interested in participating in the First Phase of the effort. Design majors, architect and engineer students, and those focused on urban development and planning as a senior level, are also invited to participate.

Reinforce Agricultural Skills and Land Development

Once the construction is complete, the Community Center will be used by the Shuar community residents for a variety of local activities, including general meetings, extension of the local school facilities, and selling their local products, such as medical plants and local crafts.  The center will also function as a means for the Shuar to maintain and honour their ancestral culture.  In the Second Phase of the project, students with knowledge in areas of farming techniques, land development, marketing, administration, community development, tourism, or other development fields that could help further enable locally managed, sustainable growth, will be invited to join.  Both the initial building volunteers and these agriculturally focused students will enable the Cultural Center to become an important place for their economy and culture to flourish.  By adding a focus of Sustainability, it may also become a model for Green development for other emerging communities worldwide.  An effort will be made to present any student-led developments during this project to the UN Rio+20 Sustainability Conference in June.

Empowerment and Leadership

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation believes that it is essential to encourage the youth it serves throughout the world, as well as the community members where it is invited to serve, to become local and global leaders.  With new tools and skills, to the local community for their future, and with an expanded vision of the world for the service volunteers through this unique, global collaboration, as well as the possibility of promoting wise, sustainable, green development, this project fulfills a major interest of Friendship Ambassadors Foundation:  Empowering youth led and community involved development through support for the 8 UN Millennium Development Goals.  This is clearly a positive example of collaboration over MDG #8 and will be reported as such, along with all of its accomplishments during the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations and elsewhere in 2012.

For more information about this program, please contact us at or 1-800-526-2008 .

Further Potential For Collaboration

If the Project is approved, it could also include a familiarization/orientation in the United States; then the work abroad, which would also include workshops and local tourism during the stay, and perhaps follow-up and involvement with the pre-Rio+20 World Youth Congress in Rio or at the Youth Assembly at the UN.

To arrange a meeting or presentation, to find out other information or to book a volunteer service program through Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, please contact Victor Izquierdo at FAF, above.

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation is a not for profit tax exempt organization, formally associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information and an NGO in Operational Relations with UNESCO.  We guarantee our programs to be authentic, impactful, global learning experiences that also build youth leadership skills and tend to be relatively inexpensive, tax deductible to parents of the students, and very safe and well-connected to the governments and communities we serve.