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The Youth Assembly

Global Development Leadership Series

The Youth Assembly Global Development Leadership Series or GDL Series offers a variety of customized programs that provide additional learning and networking opportunities to facilitate knowledge-sharing, connections, and action beyond the conference.


The leadership series offers customized tracks to equip participants with knowledge and skills in specific areas of sustainable development in a global setting. The series provides participants the opportunity to visit local, national, and global institutions, interact with experts from various sectors, and experience how principal organizations implement the SDGs and solutions to major world issues. The series feature working sessions for participants to analyze and plan action for contributing to solutions in their respective tracks.

Learning Objectives

The Global Development Leadership Series’ learning objectives are guided by our Theory of Change. Through a specialized program, the participants will be able to:

  • Educate and Develop – Learn the knowledge and skills necessary to address key sustainable development issues based on their specific track
  • Connect and Engage – Join the dialogue and network with fellow delegates, leading organizations, and experts in their chosen field
  • Act and Impact – Propose solutions and plans to drive action for sustainable development

Customized Tracks

Economic Development

Washington, DC
August 6–11, 2019

Explore today’s global economic challenges and prospects and the role the youth can play in advancing the world’s economy while adhering to environmental sustainability.


Washington, DC
August 6–11, 2019

Learn the importance of including youth as stakeholders in achieving long term peace and stability and ways on how to support peaceful solutions to conflict.


Washington, DC
August 6–11, 2019

Delve into an exploration of our world’s biggest environmental issues, and exciting new solutions such as renewable energy, green technology, and sustainable business, cities, and transport.

Human Development

Washington, DC
August 6–11, 2019

Examine the intricacies of the human condition in a fast-changing world and brainstorm solutions on how to address major issues such as poverty, health, education, and various forms of inequalities.

International Affairs

Washington DC & New York City
August 8–14, 2019

Discover contemporary issues within today’s global politics and insights on foreign affairs, with a special emphasis on the work and impact of the United Nations


Washington, DC & New York City
August 6–14, 2019

Tackle a specific track (Economic Development, Peace, Environment, or Human Development) within the context of globalization and explore the role of International Affairs in these issues.

24th Session of The Youth Assembly • August 8-10, 2019

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