Youth Engagement and Mass Mobilization for Climate Action with the Power of Music and Technology

United Nations Headquarters

The Climate Action Summit of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in September 2019 will be one of the most important global climate action events of the year. The Secretary-General has announced that he wants to see unprecedented youth and civil society mobilization and engagementas one of the main outcomes of the summit.

The #ActionNow campaign is designed to help achieve this ambitious aim with the power of music and a combination of technology-facilitated local and global level mass mobilization activities.

At the ECOSOC Youth Forum side event, there will be:

  • welcome by Polish Mission
  • presentations and discussion on youth empowerment for climate action in the context of Agenda2030 and the UNFCCC process/Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action
  • a keynote presentation on the topic “Harnessing the power of music for Enhanced Climate Action” with Grammy award-winning artist Ricky Key from India
  • a presentation of the #ActionNow campaign & the Earth Music Awards and youth climate action engagement information and ActionNow communication technology tools like
  • presentation of partners (e.g. UNESCO MOST, EarthLanka, Earth Day Network, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, ..)
  • a discussion of the #ActionNow youth and civil society mobilization plans with the audience (ECOSOC youth forum participants, partners of the initiative, delegates of missions, ..)


  • participants of the event will learn about the UN SG Climate Summit and about innovative ways for youth and civil society mobilization for climate action
  • the event will serve as a soft launch of the Earth Music Awards 2019 Call for Music
  • the side event will be an opportunity for ECOSOC YF participants to become engaged in the initiative as musicians, local event organizers or outreach partners