Youth Action, Youth Impact: Why the SDGs Need Youth

United Nations Department of Global Communications Civil Society Unit Resource Centre


As part of the United Nations Department of Global Communications’ Civil Society Chat Series, the session aims to introduce the importance and potential of youth action for the SDGs. As an organization with over 45 years of history, the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation will showcase impactful youth projects and support others to join in this mission by sharing our approach to engaging youth and facilitating impact. We will discuss our Theory of Change and its 3 pillars, (Connect/Engage, Educate/Develop, Action/Impact), and explain how we implement these using an integrated approach.

In addition, we will discuss our four focus areas: Environment, Human Development, Peace, and Technology, including how youth can make a strong impact in each of these fields, and how we will apply our Theory of Change to try to solve some of these leading global challenges.

During this briefing, we hope to go deeper into this theory by using examples of actual youth projects on the ground, demonstrate how it can lead to the empowerment of youth to become the leaders and changemakers who will strive together to create a sustainable world free of war, oppression, exclusion, and poverty.