G Track

Youth Speaking Truth to Power: Taking Responsibility for the Climate Crisis

Rosenthal Pavillion


  • Melissa Griffiths Parrot, Climate Leader and Mentor, The Climate Reality Project @ClimateReality
  • Harrison Bench, Youth Activist, Council Member, Islip Town Environmental Council
  • Keziah Gerosano, Chapter Chair, The Climate Reality Project


Format: Workshop

This presentation will focus on three main areas. The participants will be asked to write down what their action-oriented goal that will help fight the climate crisis and we will continue to work with and mentor them throughout their process.

  1. The climate crisis and the solutions:  We will discuss the youth movement as a whole and dive into a PowerPoint presentation discussing climate science, the effects of climate change and the solutions that are available.
  2. We will then segue into specific examples of youth activism.  We will provide easy suggestions of climate activism the participants can use the moment they leave the presentation.  This will include access to a PowerPoint to provide their family, schools, community and elected officials. Also, other ideas that will fit each personality, comfort zone, and global location.  We will discuss the skills needed, and how they can make a difference to fight the climate crisis.  
  3. Youth speaker.  Harrison Bench will present on his own experiences as a youth climate activist.  His story, his challenges, and his success. He will discuss great tools that will help with successful measures.