P Track

Sustaining Peace through Youth Engagement

Room 802


  • Moderator: Ali Mustafa, United Nations Civil Society Youth Task Force and Youth Programs and Communications Consultant, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation @smalimustafa
  • Michael Collins, Executive Director of Americas, Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) @economicspeace
  • Paul Bisca, Conflict and Security Consultant, World Bank @WorldBank
  • Jimena Leiva Roesch, Senior Fellow, International Peace Institute (IPI) @ipinst


Format: Panel with Q&A

This panel will discuss how youth are affected by conflict, as well as the various ways in which youth can engage in peace efforts, support non-violent movements, and help to sustain peace. Delegates will be introduced to principles of key international development dimensions pertaining to peaceful conflict resolution, the nexus between peace and development, and maintenance of peace while broadening the perspective on interconnected global issues as well as different cultures and contexts through learning from speakers and peers of different backgrounds. The importance of the role of youth as stakeholders in order to achieve long-term peace and stability will be a focal point to the conversation, as speakers evaluate how youth can push for a better world without falling into violence and conflict. Delegates will come away with ideas, plans, and inspiration to drive action for peace and preservation of peace through insightful leadership.