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Decade of Youth Action

United Nations Headquarters


How do we promote youth action to accelerate progress on #GlobalGoals by 2030?

The last decade was marked by dialogues and campaigns around climate emergency, peace conflicts, gender inequality, poverty, and inadequate education and health facilities.  This decade, the focus is on action and mobilization of youth to achieve the Global Goals by 2030. The United Nations Department of Global Communications and Friendship Ambassadors Foundation are joining hands to support the UN Decade of Action while giving a particular focus to youth. The Decade of Action aims to provide a framework and call-to-action for all sectors of society, along the three levels suggested by the Secretary-General: global action, local action, and people action.

Join us for a discussion on youth action to accelerate the progress of the #GlobalGoals. The event will specifically focus on:

  • How to strengthen youth engagement in UN priority areas, including the Decade of Action
  • Ideas and solutions for action to accelerate the achievement of the Global Goals
  • Youth participation in platforms and discussion at local and national levels

Speakers include:

  • Shaaz Nasir, Director of Digital Transformation, Microsoft
  • Marco Sanchez, Youth Engagement & Advocacy Coordinator UNA USA
  • Cecilia Chapiro, Yunus & Youth Founder; Investment Adviser @ UNICEF Innovation
  • Valeria Gomez-Palacios, Co-Founder & Program Director, Global Emergency Response and Assistance
  • Mayela Calderon, Partner Engagement Manager, Girls Who Code
  • Alexandria Villaseñor, Climate Activist & Founder of Earth Uprising International
  • Representative from Civil Society Unit, Department of Global Communications
  • Moderator: Ali Mustafa, Youth Programs and Communications Consultant, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation
  • Emcee: Andrew Macdonald, Executive Director, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation

The event will be streamed live from UN Web TV.

Registration Guidelines:

  • Sign up through Eventbrite. PLEASE RSVP ONLY ONCE. Important: State your First Name and Last Name as indicated in your valid Photo ID.
  • This event is free and open to the public. If you have a valid UNHQ Grounds Pass, please indicate in the form accordingly. Please note that Eventbrite registration does not mean guaranteed admission.
  • A valid government-issued photo identification from a United Nations Member State or Observer State or a US driver’s license to enter UN Headquarters will be required to redeem event tickets. The information submitted on this form should match the information on the I.D. you present the day of the event. DO NOT submit your name on behalf of someone else.
  • International registrants who are based outside of the United States must have a visa to travel to the US to attend. No invitation letters will be provided.

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