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Consultations: Declaration of Priorities – Human Development

Grand Hall



The Youth Assembly is a place for young people to build partnerships and networks, learn and develop critical skills, and take action that delivers real impact to their local and global communities.

The outcome is a powerful cross-sector and cross-national network among the next generation of leaders, translated into action-based projects and initiatives after the conference. We expect participants to experience The Youth Assembly, not as an event, but as part of a journey that directs significant action and impact on the ground in their communities and across the world.

To guide this journey, the Delegates will help produce a landmark document – FAF’s first Declaration of Priorities, which will set out the primary issues, goals, and strategies for youth action to support sustainable development as determined and agreed upon by The Youth Assembly and the FA community globally. The priorities will gather consultations and input from the Global Action and Impact Network (GAIN), the Youth Assembly Delegates,  Alumni, and the broader Friendship Ambassadors Community. Attendees of The 25th Youth Assembly will play a key role by formulating ideas and language for the outcome document. Subsequently, the 26th Session of The Youth Assembly will convene in Summer 2020 to monitor and evaluate the progress of the implementation of the priorities.