HD Track

Beyond Classrooms: Educating for Employment, Society, and Change

Rosenthal Pavillion


  • Moderator: Shannon Kobran, Education Manager, SDG Academy @UNSDSN @SDSNYouth
  • Yussuf Sane, National Coordinator of Tostan Guinea Bissau, Tostan @Tostan
  • Ewa Staworzynska, Technical Officer, International Labor Organization (ILO) @ILO
  • Estelle Zadra, Liaison Officer, UNESCO New York Office @UNESCO
  • Daniel Obst, President and CEO, AFS Intercultural Programs @AFS @dtobst


Format: Speakers & Guided Roundtable Discussions (Deconstructed Panel)

In this session, Delegates will examine what is currently being done and what is needed in order to advance education as a pillar for reducing inequalities, improving sustainable economic growth, and catalyzing positive change in the community. Discussions will address how modern technology is changing what skills are most necessary in life, and how education systems can best leverage technology to enhance learning for an improved society. Speakers and delegates will explore the role of education in achieving the 2030 Agenda, the conditions needed to prepare youth for meaningful careers, the challenges to realizing education for all,  and the approaches taken to educate not only for book-smarts but also for engaged citizenship.