Youth Action, Youth Impact: It's Time

As we face mankind’s greatest challenges, there is no better time than now to inspire youth leadership and action. Help us help our youth connect, learn, and take action to make an impact in changing the world.

Our Story

Fostering friendship – the basic human bond that allows for mutual understanding and cooperation among peoples of the world – is at the heart of every work that we do.

True to our name, we believe in the power of friendship as a catalyst for deeper and long-lasting collaboration towards impactful change. Our story began when Harry Morgan founded the Ambassadors for Friendship program which has been recognized by names such as Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Mother Theresa, and Kofi Annan. Read our story →

Our Focus

Our Focus Areas

The world is faced with challenges that if left ignored will be near impossible to overcome.

We have identified four areas where we believe youth must have a critical voice and involvement: Human Development, Environment & Climate Change, Technology, and Peace & Security. Understanding the cross area impact and determining ways to address problems more holistically will be a critical component of our work.

Human Development
Environment & Climate Change
Peace & Security

Our Solution

Theory of Change

The driving force behind the Friendship Ambassadors initiative has always been about “change”, transforming lives and improving the world for the better.

Our Founder Harry Morgan set out to change perceptions people had about each other by “bridging people, cultures, and spaces.” Years later, our concert tours used the soft power of music to promote unity between nations. Today, The Youth Assembly is a unique platform for young people who want to change the world. Over the span of 60 years, a Theory of Change has thus emerged, which will be the foundation that we will build upon. Learn more →

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Our Impact

We are on track to become the world’s leading youth development organization, which harnesses friendship as a catalyst for deeper engagement, learning, action, and impact.

We recognize the power in harnessing the passion of the FAF community, composed of over 100,000 individuals who have taken part in our programs and share our values. It is our goal, therefore, to provide ways for our community to connect and engage with each other, to learn and grow together, and to act and make an impact.

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Regional make-up of youth program participants

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Through the Impact Challenge, youth develop original, impactful, and innovative solutions to human development, peace and security, and environmental issues outlined in the 2030 Global Agenda.

Strawcture Eco

Founder: Shriti Pandey

To solve the housing shortage in India, Strawcture Eco aims to make living spaces more functional, aesthetically desirable, environment-friendly and affordable for low-income families in rural and urban areas.

Cartagena Siente

Founder: Tatiana Baldiris

Cartagena Siente helps women who have been victims of domestic violence and transforms them into resilient entrepreneurs competent in the market by setting up a multidisciplinary advisory team, such as legal assessment, psychological orientation, and technical support.


Founder: Vedha Nayak

Over 142 million women and girls of menstruating age in India don’t have access to sanitary products. Behen aims to provide a culturally-adaptable and environmentally-conscious solution to low rates of feminine hygiene/sanitation in India.


Founder: Joshua Ebin

JUMELA is a small Nigerian based agrotechnology recycling venture specializing in novel agro-based products by recycling locally available agricultural material with technology to meet our customer’s needs and create value for immediate society.


Founder: Moiz Lakhani

NinjaGirls provides free self defense martial arts-inspired classes for girls in developing countries, which encourage them to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Selflessness Movement

Founder: Swathi Arulguppe Nagendra

Selflessness Movement helps farmers in India meet the needs of their regional requirements by establishing a support line for their debt issues and providing best practices to overcome their problems.

Our Initiatives

  • Today’s youth are the most interconnected generation, thanks to the rise of social media and digital technology that forever transformed the way we connect with one another.

    To date, over 20,000 young people from all regions across the globe have become a Delegate to The Youth Assembly. However, there are many more who deserve the same opportunity, but do not have the resources to participate due to geographical and financial constraints.

    With ample and consistent support, we can fulfill this gap by scaling up our assemblies to accommodate more youth and provide greater access globally.

Together, let’s empower the generation that will drive our future.