Call for Regional Impact Coordinators

24th-25th Session Term

With the plethora of incredible work done by our Delegates worldwide, Regional Impact Coordinators will provide mentorship support, connect YA delegates to essential resources, foster an environment of collaboration among Delegates, and promote impactful work by our delegates through FAF’s wide networks. This role enhances and strengthens our connection with our Delegates and helps foster youth action after each session of The Youth Assembly.


  • Play an important role in accelerating youth impact in your region.
  • Be featured in The Youth Assembly’s large social networks and be recognized for your work.
  • Be awarded at The Youth Assembly ceremony based on performance.
  • Be credited for the impact projects you have facilitated under your cluster.
  • Receive complimentary access to attend The Youth Assembly.
  • Receive complimentary accommodation during your stay with The Youth Assembly.


One-year term (24th Session/Summer 2019 – 25th Session/Summer 2020)

  • Be in charge of a delegate cluster in your region for one year
  • Mentor delegates registered in your cluster
  • Organize and conduct virtual or in-person meetups monthly to promote collaboration
  • Conduct periodic surveys that seek pertinent action-oriented information about delegates to help promote and bring their work to light
  • Track the progress of delegates work and maintain records regularly
  • Submit monthly progress reports to Friendship Ambassadors Foundation


  • Must be a Delegate to The Youth Assembly (16-28 years old)
  • Live in the region you intend to represent
  • Possess a strong passion for The Youth Assembly mission and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Have experience working with youth (i.e. mentoring and teaching)
  • Own a successful project, initiative, or social venture
  • Possess strong knowledge of the ideation process and creation of social projects and ventures
  • Has connections and knowledge of valuable resources (impact hubs, partners, etc.)
  • Demonstrates strong leadership, communication, coordination, and organizational skills
  • Has the ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • Has personal access to a computer and stable internet connectivity
  • Has the ability to commit time and effort to the role
  • Proficient in written and spoken English
  • Social media savvy, including social tools for communication and networking