Call for Program Proposals

24th Session of The Youth Assembly

The Youth Assembly is one of the foremost gatherings and networks of young leaders and social entrepreneurs in the world. For our conferences, we welcome leaders aged 16-28 to apply as Delegates, with typical attendance of up to 1,000 from over 100 countries across the globe. Attendees are committed to working for impact in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and represent some of the most dynamic, upcoming talent among young people in this field.

This is your chance to propose to speak or host an event at The Youth Assembly and highlight your work, ideas, resources, and vision to this next generation of leaders. Sessions are designed to provide our Delegates new knowledge, skills, tools, and networks to effectively make a positive impact on our world.


New Horizons for Global Youth


All around the world, young people are faced with immense challenges, often being the group most likely to face poverty, unemployment, crime, environmental issues, and exclusion. However, at the same time, many countries are also witnessing an increasing number of young people rising to leadership in politics, business, social work, technology, and other fields. The Youth Assembly aims to offer new insight on how youth can make an impact in solving global challenges, and what new opportunities for youth are emerging on the horizon. Learn more →

Content Tracks

We are seeking submissions in line with at least one of the four focus areas:

Human Development

  • Poverty
  • Education
  • Health
  • Equality for gender, ethnic or economic groups
  • Food, hunger, agriculture, and farming


  • Climate change and its effects
  • Pollution of land, air or water
  • Protection of biodiversity and natural habitats
  • Responsible business production and consumption
  • Sustainable energy, cities & transport / new environmental technology

Peace & Security

  • Current conflicts and the role of youth
  • Refugees
  • Human rights and institutions
  • Civil resistance and movements
  • Modern warfare, terrorism, and cyber security


  • Tech for development and social good
  • AI, blockchain and other groundbreaking technology
  • Fourth industrial revolution
  • Future work, education, and skills
  • Social media, digital campaigning, and communications

Youth Skills

  • Leadership skills
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Starting or growing an organization
  • Securing partnerships, funding or resources
  • Mobilizing youth and youth action

Audience Takeaways

Proposals that offer the following to the audience are particularly desired:

  • Give new ideas and insight on a particular topic
  • Motivate and inspire the audience
  • Feature interactive engagement with and participation of the audience
  • Provide practical and useful information or advice for young leaders
  • Highlight follow-up resources or opportunities for youth impact in that field


Desired Formats

Participants benefit from having a variety of style and format of events. We are open to innovative proposals of event format, or one of the following formats:

  • Skill-building workshop: a session with interactive training in a particular skill or topic with specific outcomes
  • Solution-building workshop – solution-building session that encourages the audience to actively brainstorm new ideas
  • Informative workshop – detailed and interactive session offering new ideas, resources or information on a particular topic
  • Panel session – thematic session with multiple speakers sharing various perspectives with Q&A
  • Networking session – a session focused on building connections, partnerships, and opportunities for youth
  • Individual speech – motivational or informative keynote-style speech

Workshop/Session Duration: 75 minutes

Room capacity: 100-300 people

Application Deadline

Please submit your proposal on or before June 10, 2019, to be considered for the opportunity.