Call for Distinguished Youth Speakers

25th Session of The Youth Assembly

Each session of The Youth Assembly, highly distinguished Youth Delegates are nominated from the Outstanding Youth Delegate candidate pool to serve as speakers at conference sessions. Distinguished Youth Speakers can share their work, ideas, and policy recommendations on their field of expertise.

Criteria for Distinguished Youth Speaker

Selection Process

  • Delegate applicants can indicate their interest in the role in their application and should complete the full application with as much detail as possible.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email for an interview, and may be asked to submit additional materials about their work.
  • Accepted candidates will be informed by email, and will coordinate with The Youth Assembly program team to discuss their role and prepare their speech.


  • Preparing and delivering an engaging, thoughtful and substantive speech alongside a panel at one of The Youth Assembly conference sessions. Accepted candidates will be placed in a panel session with a topic that matches their work.
  • Speeches should cover the Delegate’s own experiences, but also the wider implications of the topic at hand for young people, as well as specific recommendations of new policies or action solutions.
  • After the event, speakers may be called upon to write summary notes or youth statements on the topic.

Application Deadline

Register to The Youth Assembly by December 5, 2019 as an Outstanding Youth Delegate candidate to be eligible for the speaking opportunity.


Must be a Delegate of the current session of The Youth Assembly

Expertise in Your Field

  • Demonstrated expertise in a particular field/issue within the Sustainable Development Goals or Youth Assembly focus areas: Human Development, Peace & Security, Environment & Sustainability and Technology
  • Proven experience of in-depth research and/or action and impact in your field
  • Ability to offer new or innovative thoughts and ideas on your topic of focus

Public Speaking Skills

  • Charisma and exceptional public speaking skills
    Past history of significant speaking engagements (links to any recorded speeches should be included in application)
  • Ability to communicate complex issues and solutions to a live audience

Knowledge of Global Youth Issues

  • Knowledge of the impact of your topic on youth globally, as well as thoughts and ideas on possible future action or solutions
  • Excellent writing skills and experience in drafting up formal documents, plans or policy recommendations is a bonus

The 26th Session of The Youth Assembly

Registration is now open.