The Youth Assembly

Ambassadors Program

The Youth Assembly Ambassadors Program is a leadership opportunity for past Delegates to promote youth engagement and participation, as well as increase awareness and support for youth and other critical issues in their local communities.

How to join

Who can apply?

  • Has attended The Youth Assembly as a Delegate
  • Must currently be pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate degree from a recognized academic institution during the present academic year OR affiliated with or represent an organization with a similar mission of The Youth Assembly
  • Must be between 16-28 years old
  • Has experience and knowledge in working on an SDG(s) area (Has an active project, preferred)
  • Has an active leadership or membership role in the school or community
  • Demonstrates commitment to youth empowerment and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Self-starter and problem solver
  • Excellent communication, coordination, and social media skills

Why become an Ambassador?

The YA Ambassadors will be recognized based on their work and efforts made in promoting The Youth Assembly, quality of nominee applications submitted following procedures, and overall delegation they will be bringing to the next session of The Youth Assembly. Successful YA Ambassadors will also receive a printed certificate of appreciation. 

  • Exercise leadership on promoting friendship, youth action and impact, and FAF’s mission

  • Play an important role in bringing and supporting young people from your local community to the global arena

  • Have the chance to be featured on our platforms**

  • Receive potential speaking invitation in sessions at The Youth Assembly**

  • Obtain discounts to support this undertaking**

  • Earn complimentary Conference Basic/Plus fee waiver(s)**

  • Be recognized for your work based on your performance

    **Conditions apply

What are the responsibilities?

  • Disseminate information regarding The Youth Assembly and Friendship Ambassadors Foundation Initiatives/campaigns in their local communities and networks through varied means (i.e. information sessions, marketing collaterals, social media)

  • In charge of nominating and recruiting youth to become delegates for The Youth Assembly, as well as facilitating the registration of their nominees

  • Support regional Impact Facilitators in assisting delegates to make impact in their respective community

  • Provide regular reports on efforts and strategy including activities, photos, metrics, and outcomes

How to apply?

To be considered as a candidate, you must complete the two-step application process: an online application and a follow-up online interview. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis, with the first 200 applications prioritized. Remaining applications will be waitlisted and reviewed as needed. Due to a large volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates shall receive a request for a follow-up online interview. If the interview is successful, further information and instructions will be provided to the candidate.

Application deadline: Monday, March 18, 2019