The Youth Assembly

Ambassadors Program

The Youth Assembly Ambassadors Program is a leadership opportunity for past Delegates to promote youth engagement and participation, as well as increase awareness and support for youth and other critical issues in their local communities.

The Ambassadors Program is geared toward undergraduate and graduate students, and those who are a part of organizations from around the world, that have previously attended The Youth Assembly. Ambassadors are looking to become pioneers in their community,  help youth have a voice at the global stage and represent the mission of the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation. 

Ambassadors serve as official representatives of the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation. 


  • Must currently be pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate degree from a recognized academic institution during the present academic year OR affiliated with or represent an organization with similar mission of the Youth Assembly 
  • Has an active role or membership role in the school or community 
  • Demonstrates commitment to youth empowerment and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Self-starter and social media savvy 
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills
  • Has attended the Youth Assembly as a Delegate 

The role of an Ambassador for the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation will be as follows:

Role & Responsibilities

  • Serve as an Ambassador for a one-year term. 
  • Disseminate information regarding FAF programs and campaigns including The Youth Assembly, GAIN and more. 
  • Nominate youth to become delegates at The Youth Assembly. 
  • Support Regional Impact Coordinators in their work with youth.

Ambassadors will promote and represent FAF by conducting the following activities (minimum of 5 are required): 

  • Speak at conferences nationally / regionally 
  • Speak at events at university / schools / other institutions 
  • Plan and speak at events in your local community 
  • Connect with an influencer to support our programs (musician, actor/actress, journalist, anchor, philanthropist, politician, social media etc.) 
  • Conduct or partake in an online event / webinar
  • Speak on a radio station 
  • Speak on a podcast
  • Partner with a youtuber  
  • Attend and speak on a television show 
  • Spread awareness on online mediums by writing blogs / articles / posts.  
  • Conduct weekly scheduled tweets
  • Regular posts on other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Wechat etc.) 

Ambassadors will adhere to the following standards: 

  • Complete an online report monthly detailing your strategy and progress made with metrics, photos, and specific activities conducted. 
  • Complete assignments fully and before the deadline. 
  • Use the communication promo kit and protocols when presenting about FAF programs.
  • Always present accurate information about FAF programs.
  • Follow our code of conduct and instill our values:
    • Professionalism 
    • Integrity 
    • Respect for Diversity
    • Friendship 


Ambassador status and recognition is determined by your quality of work, how actively and effectively you promote FAF programs, and how well you complete tasks and communicate with our team. 

Benefits Include: 

  • Certificate of Recognition for your dedication and work with the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation
  • Receive potential speaking opportunities 
  • Receive discounts for your delegates for The Youth Assembly*
  • Receive complimentary Youth Assembly conference and package fee waivers*
  • Training in public speaking and professional communication 
  • Opportunities to build your professional network 
  • Opportunities to attend Youth Assemblies and other programs by FAF
  • Leadership opportunity by serving as an inspiration to global youth 
  • Opportunity to publish online
  • Free merchandise

*Conditions apply

The FAF Ambassadors will be recognized based on their work and efforts made in promoting and supporting FAF programs, quality of YA nominees submitted following procedures, and overall delegation they will be bringing to the next session of The Youth Assembly. 

Outstanding Recognition: 

Ambassadors who perform their duties with excellence will receive Outstanding Ambassador recognition. Outstanding Ambassadors will be honored with a special mention at The Youth Assembly and be promoted on our social media platforms. 


In order to become an Ambassador, you must fulfill the two-step application process, which includes a written application and an informational interview. Interested applicants should fill out and submit an application form for consideration. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis, with the first 200 applications prioritized. Remaining applications will be waitlisted and reviewed as needed. 

Only shortlisted candidates shall receive an interview request from the staff. If the interview is successful, further information and instructions will be provided to the Ambassador.

Due to a large volume of applications, only selected applicants will be notified with an interview invite after passing the initial screening process. 

Application deadline: September 5, 2019

*The deadline has passed*