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It’s Time: Youth for Global Impact

February 14-16, 2020 • New York City, USA
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Our Delegates come from diverse backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common – their world-changing potential. Our community consists of emerging leaders, social innovators, and advocates in their own communities and the world at large.

  • Raquely

    Raquely Portela Malveira

    Raquely Portela Malveira is a 23-year-old lawyer and human rights activist, born and raised in the Amazon, Brazil. She is enthusiast of international relations and wishes to become a diplomat. Read her bio →

  • Rez Gardi

    Rez Gardi

    Rez Gardi was born in a United Nations refugee camp in Pakistan as her Kurdish family escaped persecution in their home land of Kurdistan. Arriving in New Zealand with nothing, Rez sought to use her difficult start in life as motivation to succeed, becoming New Zealand’s first Kurdish female lawyer. Read her bio →

  • Vivek Kumar

    Vivek Kumar

    Vivek Kumar is Director and CTO at Excubator, which helps high-potential start-ups scale and get discovered. Since 2015 his platforms have enabled over 16,000 startups get connected to incubators, institutional investors and enterprise customers. Read his bio →

  • Akhilesh Reddy Singi Reddy

    Akhilesh Reddy Singi Reddy

    Akhilesh Reddy is a social worker committed to realize his dream of universal qualitative education and planet 50-50. He has a diverse experience in campaigning and mass mobilization. Read his bio →

  • Fatima Alkaabi

    Fatima Alkaabi

    Recognized as the youngest Emirati inventor in 2015, Fatima Alkaabi has had a passion for creativity and innovation since she was seven years old. With the support of her government, she was able to create 12 inventions that focus on solving issues found around her community. Read her bio →

  • Favour Ori

    Favour Ori

    Favour Ori is a 21-year old software engineer and entrepreneur from Abia State, Nigeria. He is the Founder of FavCode54 ― a non-profit Tech Company on a mission to equip the next generation of Africans with the knowledge and resources to become experts in software development. Read his bio →

  • Sophie Hollingsworth

    Sophie Hollingsworth

    Capt. Sophie Faustine Hollingsworth is a former ballerina turned award-winning explorer and water advocate. Her preparation for a lifetime of contribution is reflected in her acquisition of an uncommon array of skills that uniquely equip her to have a future impact wherever the challenges take her. Read her bio →

Change starts with the youth.

At 1.2 billion, today’s young people represent a generation that can make the greatest impact in our society. Building a global community of young leaders in the spirit of friendship is a remarkable opportunity to lay the foundation for a better world. Discover The Youth Assembly →

What We Do

Connect and Engage

Connect and Engage

We seek to enhance understanding among people by bringing diverse communities together and facilitating the exchange of cultures, ideas, and knowledge.

Educate and Develop

Educate and Develop

We work with organizations to strengthen youth’s capacity by providing them with tools they need to become the leaders and changemakers of today and tomorrow.

Action and Impact

Action and Impact

We promote and support the creation of innovative, efficient, and action-oriented solutions to global problems and projects that deliver impact at scale.

Together, we can make a difference.

We believe in the power of friendship in transforming our communities into a more peaceful and sustainable society. By bringing people together, we are promoting dialogue, collaboration, and action on the most important issues the world is facing today. Read our story →

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