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Youth Leadership Success Stories

Building FAF Youth Fellowships on a Successful Past and Plan Success stories, among thousands of FAF leaders past and present.

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"Thanks to FAF and the projects I worked on, including the conference at the U.N., I was able to become one of the best students in my generation at home, and I found a job thanks to those experiences in the government of the Republic of Macedonia. I personally think that FAF's vision is common with President Obama's plan for resolving many global issues: President Obama wants to invest in education and health, where the results can only be seen after a longer period of time. With FAF, it is the same: the strongest results will only be witnessed after some time. I am an example of that success. Thank you, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation."

-Dajana Ognjanoska
Began work with FAF in 2000; currently: Asst. Legal Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Macedonia

"I learned so much, and the new perspectives allowed me to determine my role in being a global citizen. I miss everyone at FAF; you’re so fantastic. I got so much out of this!"

– Jillian Thomsen.
Jillian pictured with YA speaker and former US Presidential candidate, Jesse Jackson at FAF’s Leadership Award Ceremony 2008. A current university student, Ms. Thomsen is also employed by World Vision Foundation selling sponsorship packages to aid the most impoverished children of the world.

FAF Executive Director Patrick Sciarratta pictured with Bertan Selim and Szilvia Agoston. Ms. Agoston met the foundation as an intern. She went on to lead FAF’s European operations for over a decade. She now works for the US Embassy in Budapest. Mr. Selim interned with FAF in Eastern Europe and New York. He is currently Deputy Regional Director, Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans, Sarajevo.

Ahmad Alhindawi met FAF as a co-founder of the We Are All Jordan Youth Committee. After working with FAF at the Youth Assembly and on the development of an FAF service project in Jordan, Ahmad’s own career moved forward, first to a position with Save the Children in Jordan, then to UNFPA‐Iraq, the world population agency, and now working as the Technical Expert on Youth Policies at the Arab League, in Egypt.

Esperanza Garcia, pictured with Arun Gandhi,accepting the FAF Youth Leadership Award in 2007. Since graduating university, Ms. Garcia cofounded the International Youth Council, (at FAF’s Youth Assembly). She worked in the Philippines for Senator Loren Legarda's Climate Change Campaign and joined FAF’s development team in Summer 2010.