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Over the course of its four-decade history, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF) has engendered a variety of life-changing programs that fulfill its mission of promoting youth leadership and peace through cultural exchange. Through its signature program, the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, FAF has become one of the leading organizations that produce the next generation of leaders, social entrepreneurs, public servants, and advocates. The Youth Assembly has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of young individuals from over 100 countries and has spawned numerous youth-led projects around the world since the program’s inception in 2004.

To realize its mission, FAF continues to build a strong network of stakeholders, supporters, and partners in the international community. FAF is associated with the United Nations through UN Department of Public Information (DPI) and has Consultative Status with UNESCO and Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC. FAF has partnered with notable organizations that share its mission, including the World Bank Group, Microsoft YouthSpark, PepsiCo, The Resolution Project, among many others. These formal affiliations place FAF in a unique position to bring the youth closer to the UN and its agenda, while connecting them with opportunities that allow them to take the next step in making an impact.  

Despite the Youth Assembly’s tremendous success every year, FAF aspires to make the platform more sustainable and inclusive for all young people around the world. To achieve this goal, FAF is planning to create a comprehensive youth leadership curriculum and framework that would mobilize and empower youth across the globe in support of the UN’s agenda. FAF aims to create awareness around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among youth and laymanize these issues through various avenues. The framework would include providing youth with the necessary tools and resources and connecting them with the best opportunities that are vital for their growth as leaders and drivers of global sustainable development.

In this regard, FAF is planning to launch a fundraising campaign that will support the infrastructures that can turn this vision into a reality. The funds collected through the campaign can help the Foundation impact over a million young people from around the world through multiple platforms.

This campaign is a remarkable opportunity for Youth Assembly alumni and supporters, youth advocates, philanthropists, and the international community to be a part of a growing movement of youth leadership and engagement in sustainable development.

The slogan “I Act, We Impact” will serve as a vehicle to drive the message that one person taking action can start a ripple of positive impact. In similar fashion, one person or organization contributing to the campaign can allow many more young people fulfilling their potential as changemakers of today and tomorrow.

Everyone is invited to rally behind this movement. Help us spread the word about the campaign!