Ambassadors Sing For Peace

Ambassadors Sing for Peace is a world peace-themed CD produced by Friendship Ambassadors Foundation. Under the music direction of Emmy Award-winning composer, arranger, and choral conductor Gary Fry, five Ambassadors to the United Nations step out of their usual roles and utilize the soft power of the arts to promote peace. The CD contains twelve familiar songs promoting world peace, hope, and togetherness for the troubled times that we all inhabit. This is an important, diplomatic and artistic effort for all time.

The Album is produced by FAF as part of its 40th-anniversary celebration, in partnership with the Gary Fry/High Touch Music, the SAE Institute of Technology New York, and the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations.

Funds raised from sales will be used in creating The Youth Assembly at the United Nations Scholarship, which aims to help minimize the opportunity gap between the youth who have the access, skills, and opportunities to make an impact on their community at a young age and those who do not.

The CD includes:

  • Heal the World (M. Paich/M. Jackson)
  • Paix Sur La Terre (F. François)
  • What a Wonderful World (G. Weiss/B. Thiele)
  • One Love  (B. Marley/C. Mayfield)
  • Blowin’ in the Wind (B. Dylan)
  • Una Cancion Para La Paz (J. Perales)
  • I Have a Dream (B. Andersson/B. Ulvaeus)
  • Smile (C. Chaplin/J, Turner/J. Parsons)
  • Quand On N’a Que L’Amour (J. Brel)
  • Imagine (J. Lennon)
  • Rhythms of One World (G. Fry; Commissioned by FAF)
  • Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace) (W.A. Mozart)